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Arrow Dog Training
Private Dog Training & Behavior Modification

6-Session** In-Home Program - $540
    Human/Dog Communication Training
    Basic Obedience
    Problem Solving/Behavior Modification 

4-Session** In-Home Program - $372
    Human/Dog Communication Training
    Problem Solving/Behavior Modification

2-Session** In-Home Program - $192
    A single behavior problem in an otherwise well trained dog 

New Puppy Intensive 1-2 hr. Sessions) - $120 (Normally $135) 
    For puppies under 4 months. Everything you need to get     started with your new puppy at a special rate so there is NO     excuses to get started training your puppy.

Per Session In-Home Evaluation/Training/Behavior Modification & Problem Solving - $100/session

**Most training sessions will run approx. 1 1/2 hours

10% discount on any Multi-session packages for rescue adoptees.


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Arrow Dog Training Services
Group Training* vs. Private One on One In-Home Training  

Group training* is very good and recommended for puppies or young dogs because it helps to socialize them. Socialization of your dog is extremely important for developing good manners. But existing bad manners may keep you from taking your dog out or allowing him to interact with other dogs or your houseguests. This can be especially true with large breeds, older dogs with bad habits or working breeds who can get easily bored. This creates a vicious cycle of bad manners leading to lack of socialization, which leads to more bad manners.

Our in-home training programs take place in your home, where most “issues” occur. We work around your schedule. We can visit evenings or weekends.

* Group training classes and K9 Nose Work® classes with Arrow Dog Training are available through AnnaBelle's Pet Station in Downtown Lansing, MI.  
Go to www.coolcitydogs.com to register

Diabetic Alert Dogs (DAD) notify their handlers of dangerously low (and sometimes even high) blood sugar levels. 

If you need a Diabetic Alert Dog, fill out the contact form above to receive additional information on these life saving dogs.

Diabetic Alert Dog Training
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St. Johns, MI
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