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Arrow Dog Training was founded by owner and dog trainer, Dawn Archer  in 2008 and get it's name from her rescue mix breed dog, Arrow (See pics in the "Photo Galley")

Dawn is an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer who uses positive reinforcement training techniques and is one of the Lansing area's Clicker Training Specialist.  Dawn in a Certified RAW DOG FOOD NUTRITION SPECIALIST, a canine Nose Work Instructor, an approved AKC Canine Good Citizen® Evaluator. Dawn also trains Diabetic Alert Dogs (DAD).These dogs alert their owners to critical drops in blood sugar, so that immediate, life saving steps can be taken. See More information about On Target Diabetic Alert Dogs on our "services" page.
Dawn Archer with Winston the Pug
Fletch, the newest member of the Arrow Dog Training family
Training Philosophy

We believe that calm consistent guidance; adequate exercise, healthful diet and positive reinforcement training will lead to a strong human/dog bond and a happy, healthy well behaved dog.

Dog training is really human training aimed at teaching the owners how to effectively communicate with their dogs. Once communication, mutual trust and respect are achieved, the human/dog relationship can flourish to the benefit of both. Clicker training is scientifically proven to be one of the quickest, most effective form of training to accomplish this goal.


Dawn Archer grew up in St. Johns, MI and moved back to her home town in 1999. She has always had a passion for dogs.  She was a member of the 1st dog club in Clinton County 4-H where she trained and socialized a dog that eventually became a Leader Dog for The Blind®. Dawn attended MSU for 2 years in the pre-veterinary program, then went on to work in various occupations before returning to her first love, dog training. Dog current dog is Fletch, an Australian Cattle Dog. Fletch was rescued off the streets of Belding, MI after a not so good start to life. He is an incredibly smart, fun, character who brings lots of laughs to the farm.

2020 and 2021 were difficult years. My beloved Arrow passed away in August 2020! Life will never be the same without him. I love you Arrow, You are my heart! "Wherever we go, everyone knows, it's me and my Arrow." 

Then in October of 2021, we lost Zelda to an accident. Zelda will always hold a very special place in my heart. She taught me so much and was such a joyous, spunky, wild, free spirit.  The summer of 2021 was the best summer of her life. For that, I will always be grateful!!

Helping people and dogs have long happy lives together.
Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist

Do you have an interest in feeding your beloved dog a species specific raw diet?  I can help!! I have been feeding my dogs raw for almost 7 years and am a Certified Specialist in Raw Dog Food Nutrition.  


Go to the "services" page and fill out the contact form or give me a call to get information on making the switch. Your dog will love you for it!
Me and My sweet Arrow: 
10/1/2008 - 08/06/2020
01/15/2013 - 10/01/2021